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As a mompreneur of three dynamic kidpreneurs and multiple businesses, Sylvia's ultimate mission is to empower parents in raising happy, confident, and resilient kids.What's her secret formula? Developing an entrepreneurial mindset and balancing the energies of our 3 brains - the head, the heart, and the gut.So if you're a parent, an educator, an entrepreneur, or change-maker in the coaching industry, reach out to Sylvia for opportunities to work together after you explore her diverse realms of businesses and resources, each designed to inspire and elevate your parenting or educating journey.

Productivity meets creativity

Discover how entrepreneurship can be your compass in raising happy and resilient kids and unlock a world of exciting possibilities.

Inspiring heart harmony

Dive into a magical world where young minds discover their brilliance and embrace mindfulness with kindness to be their best selves.

Trust your gut

Digest in a healthier and more PURPOseful lifestyle through colorful, digestive friendly plant based foods.

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Feel free to reach out to me anytime. For inquiries, collaborations, or just to say hello, you can contact me through the socials below. Let's stay in touch!


It all started when Sylvia's 16-year-old son got a surprise call from Kidpreneurs' co-founder, landing the role of COO in January 2023. As their partnership soared, Sylvia found herself perfectly in tune with Kidpreneurs' vision and mission, sparking a brilliant collaboration.Enter the Certified Educators Program – an empowering training initiative designed for passionate educators, homeschooling parents, and entrepreneurs across more than 20 countries. The mission? To equip educators with the teaching tools, framework and community to launch their very own kids coaching businesses.Recognized as a familiar voice on podcasts, summits, and workshops, Sylvia effortlessly shares her innate parenting wisdom. Currently, she extends these invaluable insights as the Editor of Kidpreneurs' Raising Empowered Kids newsletter, reaching an engaged audience of over 20,000 readers each week.But that's not all. Sylvia's philosophy revolves around win-win solutions. Introducing Camp SuperNova – an extraordinary adventure crafted for kids aged 6-12. In this enchanting realm, self-discovery harmonizes with passion, and purpose takes flight. Certified educators from both Kidpreneurs and HQ Education unite to nurture the mindset, habits and skills of a success entrepreneur.So, whether you're a parent craving sage advice, an educator dreaming of sparking entrepreneurial flames, or an entrepreneur eager to make a splash, just click on one of the buttons below. Let's connect, learn, and be part of a world where kids live the entrepreneurial lifestyle and radiate as their best self.

HQ Education

Join Sylvia, co-founder of Hero Intelligence Education, and her partner, the Hero Intelligence Expert Tammy Vallieres, in creating calm, joyful learning spaces. Through the power of storytelling and a focus on SQ (Social), GQ (Genius), and EQ (Emotional Intelligence), their courses and programs empower worldwide teachers, parents, and children. Be part of the HQ community for a meaningful adventure that blends fun, personal growth, and education. Unleash the hero in YOUth! Try out a course and kickstart your hero's journey today.


Sylvia launches a flavorful mission with Beviva Foods. It all began with Sylvia's personal quest for wellness, navigating the challenges of Ulcerative Colitis while balancing a bustling career and three energetic kids.Now, meet Beviva's travel-friendly PURPO line – the purple sweet potato superhero inspired by Sylvia's journey. It's not just about snacks; it's a lifestyle dedicated to fuss-free flavorful, and nourishing eats for those seeking a healthy munch or navigating digestive sensitivities.If you're on the lookout for snacks that dance with your taste buds while being friendly to your tummy, Beviva's got your back. Click below and join the snack revolution!